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Edgewater, CO

Given provided the Tenant Improvement design services for Barquentine Brewing, an anchor tenant of the Edgewater Public Market.  The space was an existing 4,736 SF “white box” space developed for a brewery and taproom.  The style of the space is modeled around the interior of early 20th century Barquentine-style ships.  The lighting and exposed conduit contribute to this design.

The brew room is approximately 2,760 square feet containing a barrel room, cold room, two storage rooms, a grain storage room, boiler room, office/lab room, employee restroom, and a gas/chemical room. The tap room occupies the remaining 2,000 SF of the tenant area.  

Our design included Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical design for the tenant area and all the required building coordination between them.  The HVAC system utilized the existing rooftop units provided during the core and shell upgrades to the building, with supplemental HVAC units added as needed.


Image Credit: Chord Design